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The company I'm looking to hire to drive (not transport) my car cross country said they can drive under my insurance, is that correct?

While driving under my insurance if the driver is found at fault of an accident will that hurt my record and increase my premium?

What happens if my car is broken into?

Will my auto or home insurance policy cover any lost items?

1) Because we don't sleep in the vehicles we move you can pack the trunk / hatch and backseat. The front seats must be empty and pushed all the way back. The driver seat must allow for some tilt.

2) Because the driver seat gets moved back and forth on a long trip, we like to recommend putting soft items such as clothes and blankets behind the driver seat.

3) If shipping breakable items please put them in the trunk or behind the passenger seat. This will keep the items from getting crushed when the driver moves the seat.

4) If the vehicle has dark tinted windows you can pack the backseat above the window line, but we ask for a clear view out the rear view mirror.

5) It's a good idea to place a blanket over visible items.

A broker is a person or company who arranges for the transportation of your vehicle.

1) A broker does not transport the vehicle and in most cases does not assume responsibility for the vehicle

2) If a broker can't find a carrier to transport your vehicle within your scheduled time frame or for the price the broker is willing to pay, your shipment can be canceled! Most often at the last minute unless you agree to pay more.

3) If the shipment is canceled most brokers will keep your booking deposit, regardless of who requested the cancellation.

Two examples of why I suggest you avoid brokers - I picked this company to research because they were active on uShip and Shiply
Global News - Complaints against Brampton vehicle transport company grows
Global News - Man’s motorcycle held hostage by feuding moving companies

Regardless of your chosen transport method and provider be sure to do your homework. Using Google, search out online reviews of the service providers that interest you. Try to check reviews from 3rd party sites such as the BBB, Google and Yelp that require the user to log on to leave a review. I like these sites because we are not allowed to edit or delete the comments left. The providers own website testimonial page is easily manipulated and not very trustworthy.

Watch for providers that pay clients or post their own fake reviews. If your carrier offers to pay you for leaving a review be sure to mention that in the post.

Save on shipping costs

Booking in advance gives us time to find other runs and eliminate travel costs thereby allowing us to offer you a better price.

When quoting jobs we use the current days average fuel prices. Booking in advance could save you money if the price of fuel increases.
Our quoted prices are final. If the cost of fuel increases we won't cancel the run or charge you more.

Although we would really like to earn your business we understand sometimes the cost of transport is the top priority

If you're not in a rush for delivery you may want to consider shipping by rail. Rail is normally the cheapest mode of transport, but instead of delivery in days you could be looking at 3 or 4 weeks.

Save on broker fees and book directly with the two major railroads
CN Rail vehicle transport
CP Rail vehicle transport

Drive-Away service is a great cost effective way to move vehicles off the islands, but if drive-away service is not your first choice you may want to consider shipping from the mainland. The cost for a full sized tractor trailer can easily add anywhere from $400 to $2000 to your shipping fee.