Frequently asked questions

If you really think about it, the odds of something happening are about the same or less than more conventional transport methods.

Because your vehicle is the only one in our control there is less chance of something going wrong while loading, unloading or securing your vehicle. You also don't have to worry about one of the other vehicles leaking on your paint or the truck itself causing damage.

When it comes to vehicle accidents, in most cases it's the driver or another road user at fault. Because we use experienced professional drivers the odds are just the same whether being driven or transported by truck.

We are one of the few drive-away providers who carry commercial insurance.
We don't drive under yours or the drivers personal insurance

Basic Drive-Away
For vehicles being shipped that are currently plated and insured

Although we require your vehicle be insured, Joe's Drive-Away takes full responsibility of your vehicle while in our control. Our basic service carries a $250,000 commercial insurance policy. This is the same type of policy your mechanic would have for test driving vehicles.
Legally we cannot insure a vehicle that is already plated and insured in someone else name. However we can insure the driver for any vehicle they are driving that is not registered in Joe's Drive-Away or the drivers name.

Full Service Drive-Away

The vehicle being shipped is not currently plated
With full service we carry a $500,000 commercial insurance policy and we supply the transport plates.

Due to the increased costs we normally don't recommend full service on personal vehicles.
Once we factor in the increased insurance, loss commercial reveneu and the wear and tear on the vehicle itself, we find it's normally cheaper to send by more convential methods

Although this is how most other drive-away providers operate, it's not a risk we are willing to take.

As we all know insurance companies will do everything in their power to deny a claim.

Once money changes hands it becomes a commercial transaction and requires commercial insurance. If something was to happen and your insurance company finds out compensation was paid to the driver they could deny your claim.

Our best advice here is to check with your insurance agent first, ask the proper questions and get the reply in writing
Some questions to ask can be found on our Tips and suggestions page

Belongings can be placed in trunk and backseat of the vehicle

The two front seats must be empty and pushed all the way back and a clear view out all windows
The driver seat does not need to fully recline but there must be some tilt.
The passenger seat because it will only be used for the drivers luggage can be in the upright position

Some loading tips can be found on our Tips and suggestions page

We do carry basic cargo insurance but it is very limited.

While in our care the contents of the vehicle are covered up to $0.25 per pound or $100 per item and a detailed list of the goods must be given to the driver

With that said the vehicle is rarely out of sight of the driver. Our drivers stay in small town motels where the vehicle is normally parked right outside their door. We don't stay in hotels where your vehicle would be out of sight with only a security camera coving the parking lot

As much as I would like to say yes, the answer would have to be No

Regardless of transportation method anyone who tells you they can guarantee an undamaged delivery is either telling you what you want to hear or their a fool.
There are just so many things that could go wrong on a long trip to just dismiss it outright

The best we can do is to promise you your vehicle would be driven in the safest manner possible.

If given enough time to complete the run we can meet you anywhere that best suits your needs

If meeting at an airport all we need is your flight number. The driver will track your flight and meet you just outside the arrivals door when you land

Although we like 2 weeks notice in most cases pick-up can be arranged within 24-48 hours if needed.

The more notice we have the better and allows for a better price. If given enough notice we can normally find a return trip thereby reducing the cost of your shipment.

Depending on the time of year we like to average between 800 & 1000 kms a day.
So a 3000 kilometre would be 3 full days of driving and in most cases the vehicle would be delivered on the 4th day to avoid a night time delivery.

NOTE: We always ask for 2 extra days to cover any possible delays. So using the above example on a trip of 3000 kms we would ask for 5 days to complete the trip

All of our quotes are all-inclusive

The only way we would ever charge you more is in the case of a mechanical breakdown.
As per our contract if there was a breakdown with a valued repair of $200 or more, the registered owner will be notified and is responsible for repairs and driver accommodations if needed.
In the case of a mechanical breakdown with a repair under $200 the driver will have the vehicle repaired and notify the registered owner. The driver would give the person receiving the vehicle a copy of the repair bill and the receiver would be responsible for reimbursement unless otherwise arranged.

We accept

Cash - 50% due on booking with the remainder payable by Cash or E-Transfer on delivery
E-Transfer - 50% due on booking with the remainder payable by Cash or E-Transfer on delivery
Credit Cards - Full payment due on booking

Yes - If needed

On trips over 4000 Kms we will have the oil changed if the oil life is under 25%.

Due to the risk of impound or seizure of your vehicle by moving unknown goods this is a risk we are not willing to take.