Dealing with uShip and Shiply

I can't stress this enough
Most issues that can arise between you and a carrier will be regarded as a civil matter and the police can't help you get your vehicle back. So regardless of the site you use be sure to research any carrier before paying money to the carrier themselves.

I was going to build a page about the Pros & Cons of uShip and Shiply, but because of recent changes on both platforms I'm not sure I can create an objective enough page as I now find the cons far outweigh the pros on both sites.

Both companies


1) State they have no control over the quality, safety, or legal aspects of the transactions that take place on their websites.

2) Allow both legal and illegal carriers

3) Add roughly 30% on top of the carriers bid to cover all applicable fees required to use their site.
Example: A carriers bid of $913.00 will appear to you as a total bid of $1228.00.
Using the $913.00 bid example you will be charged a $116.00 listing fee and the carriers $190.00 winning bidder fee. The winning bidder fee they say the carrier needs to pay is automatically charged to you by the site.
The $116.00 + $190.00 totals $306.00 and must be paid to the site before the carriers contact information is exchanged with you. Once that deposit is paid the carrier bills you the $913.00 that they bid.

4) Have a large amount of Brokers who resell your shipment to another broker or carrier at a reduced rate. Learn more about brokers on our Tips and Suggestion page.


1) uShip gives you access to more carriers and has a few more options, but is the more expensive option of the two services.

2) Allows you to discuss the shipment with the carrier before you accept a bid.

3) Allows you to choose a provider regardless if you post an auction listing or use the "NAME YOUR PRICE" feature.

4) Appears geared towards rewarding the illegal carriers and forcing the legal carriers out.

At the request of uShip I removed both the logo and link to their page


Due to the recent changes on Shiply I no longer recommend them to people looking to move vehicles.

1) To post a vehicle listing on Shiply you now need to pay the deposit upfront before a provider is chosen

2) You are no longer able to discuss the shipment with the carrier!

3) All vehicle listings are now classed as "BOOK NOW" shipments. This means once your posting is listed, the first carrier to accept the offer price gets the job.
As far as I know you can cancel the shipment and repost it, but you may have to do this a few times to find a provider you feel safe with and if you're looking to get it moved ASAP it could really hurt your plans.

3a) As far as I can tell cancelling a shipment is not an easy task. All contact with Shiply has to be by email or a phone call to their London, England office.

4) The company that accepts your offer could be a broker, rail provider or transport company.

5) There are no carrier contracts available for you to view before accepting an offer and can leave you open to a lot of extra charges, fees and conditions that you may not agree with.

5a) Once the vehicle is in the carriers possesion there is very little you can do to get your vehicle back but pay.

- To protect yourself on Shiply I recommend any payments made to carriers be made by way of credit card payment. Paying by credit card gives you a little more protection and allows you to fight the charges.

- The carrier feedback on Shiply is very misleading and was easily manipulated by carriers up to a few months ago.

- Shiply does not keep track of the carriers canceled shipments and marks them as positive feedback for the carrier.

- Up until a few months ago a carrier could post a listing, book the job themselves and cancel it, while leaving themselves positive feedback.

- Twice I have reported carriers who were scamming hundreds of clients by booking their shipment and collecting the deposit only to never be heard from again.
As a casual user of the site, how did I catch on to the scams before Shiply or other providers?

You can visit the Shiply site here